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Number Kit 1 Digital Edition

by Kits4Kiddies


Number Kit 1 explores early number concepts using a hands on, engaging approach which caters for many learning styles and multiple intelligences.

In this Kit, kiddies learn:
  • To recognise what numbers 1-4 (and beyond) look like and how to write them. 
  • To begin counting small collections of objects.
  • To order numbers into the correct counting sequence 1, 2, 3…
Activities included are:
  • Create a Cute Critter
  • Number Hunt
  • Guess the Number
  • Play with Numbers
  • BONUS Spike the Snake

Most activities include ‘mix it up’ ideas on how you can use these resources in different ways and ideas on how you can 'extend your kiddie' once they have grasped each concept. Most of the activities are also designed to be laminated and re-used.

Also included are editable versions of the resources so you too can adjust the activities to cater specifically for your kiddie and their older or younger siblings as well.

Each kit includes an overview providing links to related youtube videos which are worth having a look at, as well as a list of maths vocabulary that your kiddie will need to understand in order to complete each activity successfully.

Various misconceptions kiddies may have about number are also included in the overview. So as you are observing your kiddie you can be on the lookout for these common mistakes and help your kiddie gain a deeper understanding of these concepts so they don’t struggle with the more challenging ones to follow.

We always love to hear how our kits help your kiddies and the new and exciting ways teachers and parents find to use them. If you have something to share, show and tell us over on the Kits4Kiddies Facebook Page or send us an email.

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